You Are The Media Conference – May 23rd 2019

The You Are The Media | Conference is coming to the clifftops of Bournemouth on Thursday 23rd May, 2019.

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The biggest issue today for businesses is not fighting to be heard in a ‘noisy world‘, but looking and behaving the same as everyone else.

The You Are The Media | Weekly email, the You Are The Media | Lunch Club and the You Are The Media Podcast focuses on businesses building their space, targeting an audience and communicating a clear message, on a consistent basis.

If there is one word that binds everything together it is, ownership.


Why It Will Support You

Every guest at the Lunch Club has supported this approach in order to build an audience in order to build profitable action.

The 2019 conference will be way to showcase companies who are adopting a content marketing/owned media approach and world renowned marketing practitioners who will share what you need to do, to be relevant to others and be the trusted source within your industry.


Adopt A Stronger Approach To Your Marketing

The conference will be a way for you to hear from those who will show you the proof. If you are a business owner or a marketer looking to build a clear identity for your business, this day is catered specifically for you.

The You Are The Media weekly email started in 2013, the Lunch Club began in 2016, the You Are The Media Podcast in 2017 and the first You Are The Media Conference in 2018.

The conference is now an annual event, in Bournemouth, with the intention to showcase the key people and brands who are shaping marketing today. This had been five years in the making.


How Did Last Year Look?

The venue is Shelley Theatre, the once home of the master storyteller, Mary Shelley and dates back to 1870.

To see the speakers for You Are The Media Conference 2019, click here.

Watch how the 2018 You Are The Media Conference looked.

How Much Is It?

All You Are The Media members, pay £250 (non members is £295). To become a member, leave your email here and join the community.

The whole day, you will be looked after. No lunchtime walk to a sandwich shop, no need to find a coffee shop, everything will be catered for you, within a stunning 19th century theatre.

Any questions you have, just email me.

I hope this is something you can be part of. CLICK HERE TO BOOK